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Puerto Vallarta Fishing Reports

Current Puerto Vallarta Fishing Report for Feb 12, 2012: Vallarta Sportsman Captain, Luis Blanco, was invited as a guest captain aboard a well-respected long range fishing boat out of Puerto Vallarta, accompanied by 10 fishermen, including professional writers and photographers for various international sport fishing magazines, and 5 crew members.

Traveling 120 nautical miles out from the Puerto Vallarta Marina, they hit the waters around the exterior boundaries of the Marias Islands.  It’s a long haul to those grounds reserved for the most dedicated of fishermen and skilled navigators as the waters are restricted within a vast perimeter of the federal prison located on one of the islands and are heavily patrolled by the Mexican Navy who will not hesitate to confiscate any boat that has entered into restricted waters.

Because of the distance from shore and the tricky navigation, the waters around the Marias Islands are loaded with action from huge…really huge…tuna.  After a 3.5 day trip at sea, they returned with over 2.5 tones of yellowfin tuna, some cows weighing as much as 345 pounds.  The most successful catch technique was drifting using kites and bait fish of google eyes, caballitos, and green jacks. 

Capt. Luis Blanco was honored by the invitation to participate in one of these amazing long-distance runs.  For further information on how you can book a similar trip, please contact us at info@vallartasportsman.com

+ Puerto Vallarta Fishing Reports for January 2012

Jan 24, 2012: We found unusually large schools of tuna for this time of year 8 nautical miles west of El Banco, traveling with spinner dolphins.  We had a party of 4 fishermen new to the sport who were pulling in tuna ranging in size from 20 pounds and up to 60 pounds for a total catch of 738 pounds of tuna for the day.  They were biting hard on google eye,  cedar plugs, green jacks and smaller lures.

+ Puerto Vallarta Fishing Reports for December 2011

Dec 24, 2011: There are big runs of sardine around the fishing grounds of Banderas Bay, especially around Punta Mita and the Marietas Islands today, which is generating a food chain both above water with pelicans and other birds and below the waterline. We're anticipating good runs of snappers and roosterfish throughout the week. Today's catch included some nice sized Jack Crevalle which always have a lot of aggression and are a good sport fish for the intermediate fisherman. For more information on this trip or to book a trip call us 1-956-605-8699 (Canada/US) or 322 121 8738 (Mex). VallartaSportsman at Calle Timón, Puerto Vallarta, JAL 48354 for the best Puerto Vallarta Fishing.

Dec 13, 2011: This has been a good week for Jack Cravalles in Vallarta's Banderas Bay. While they don't have a reputation as the tastiest fish in the waters, Jack Cravalles are a strong fighting fish which provide great action for the sport fisherman. They're biting hard on the live bait and we're using jigs and top waters to pull in good numbers. The huge runs of sardines that we seeing are bringing in more fish into the interior bay areas than we have seen in previous years which makes it the ideal time for new or intermediate fishermen to get out on the water to hone their skills. And for the experienced sport fishers, we're still in high season for blue and black marlin out towards La Corbetena and El Banco. December continues to be a great month on the water for every level of fisherman.

Dec 2, 2011: Fishing is hot in Puerto Vallarta’s Bandaras Bay! The cooler weather has brought cold water currents heavy with sardines which are keeping the fish biting especially yellow fin tuna in the inside waters of the bay. Further out around the Marietas Islands and near Punta Mita, we’ve been making nice catches of roosterfish and snapper by casting with top waters. Heading out to the deep waters of La Corbetena and El Banco, we’re finding tuna and marlin, particularly surrounding the El Banco reef. Check out Vallarta Sportsman Fishing Charters on Facebook to see our latest customer photos.

+ Puerto Vallarta Fishing Reports for November 2011

Nov 15, 2011: The Bay has been extremely active in the past week which made for some huge catches during last weekend's 56th International Marlin and Sailfish Tournament in Puerto Vallarta. Bait fish are still abundant particularly skipjacks, shrimp, sardine and squid. Marlin are present in good numbers and we're now seeing large runs of roosterfish in the area. Closer to shore near Punta Mita has been unusually active with sailfish, blue and black marlin and although trophy size can be elusive, mid-size marlin are showing in vast quantities. La Corbetena is always good for marlin but has been uncommonly hot with some massive tuna in the 250 pound range considering the point in the season. El Banco was the site of the winning marlin strike in the tournament (215 kilos) and where we made our 1st place Catch and Release Sailfish score. Tourist season is moving into full swing in Vallarta so reserve now to ensure a space on our calendar and become part of the Vallarta Sportsman team.

Nov 4, 2011: The humidity has finally broken bringing gorgeous, sunny days out on the Bay of Bandaras. We're seeing huge runs of Mahi Mahi (Dorado) and still pulling good catches of mid-sized tuna in the inside regions of the Bay. Further out at El Corbetena and El Banco, blue and black marlin are showing in good numbers and we've tagged and released over a dozen sailfish in the last week. It's looking like the fishing is going to be heavy and competitive for the 56th International Marlin and Sailfish tournament in Puerto Vallarta mid-month and Vallarta Sportsman is in it to win it.

+ Puerto Vallarta Fishing Reports for September 2011

Sept 27, 2011: The interior of the Bay has been extremely active this week with Mahi Mahi and Sailfish, and both are biting aggressively with live bait particularly on Google Eyes. Further out, we’re finding big Marlin around La Corbetena as the season for Blue and Blacks has started and will continue until the beginning of spring. Good size Tuna are still running in La Corbetena and El Banco and they’re coming in off of Skipjacks and Google Eyes. Waters have been choppy for the last week but as the rainy season concludes we’re anticipating smooth seas and a super active season.

Sept 19, 2011: It's cowtown in Puerto Vallarta! Marlin season is starting off strong and we've got heavy action all throughout the Bay, with 600lb+ blue and blacks coming out of La Corbetena. Still seeing good sized and hard-fighting tuna biting aggressively at El Morro and in the interior bay. Conditions on the water have been overcast and bumpy but strong, warm currents are bringing up the fish in huge numbers.

+ Puerto Vallarta Fishing Reports for August 2011

August 23, 2011:The fishing season in Puerto Vallarta continues to be strong with heavy action around La Corbetena and a lot of live bait being caught at the reef. Skipjacks, Blue Marlin, Black Marlin and Tuna are all biting strong around the rock and some large Marlin, up to 500 pounds, are being pulled out regularly this week from the waters in the area. In the interior Bay area, football tuna are still plentiful and we’re seeing some Sailfish good numbers of Dorado (Mahi Mahi). Continued warm water currents this week as well as smooth seas will make for great fishing until the end of the week.

+ Puerto Vallarta Fishing Reports for June 2011

June 09, 2011:Good fishing in the Bay in the interior south between Yelapa and El Faro.  Nice schools of football-size tuna and we pulled in 18 during a half day charter yesterday.  Good conditions for beginner or intermediate sports fishers who want to fight aggressive fish without committing to a full day offshore.  We’re anticipating the cows to start arriving in the outside grounds, El Banco and La Corbetena, in large numbers towards the middle of the month.

June 02, 2011: South Bay between Yelapa and El Faro continues to be a tuna hot spot. Pulled in 13 football tuna during the day and they're biting well on live bait and google eyes. Our second boat also caught 3 tuna and several Jack Crevalls and Skipjacks in the same area.

+ Puerto Vallarta Fishing Reports for May 2011

May 24, 2011: "Smackin' Jacks By: Stephen Patterson
On a Mexican Riviera cruise to celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary, my wife wanted to get in a day of fishing. I booked a six hour trip with Capt. Luis Blanco of Vallarta Sportsman in Puerto Vallarta. Towards the end of the day, the Frigate birds started circling and the Gannets started diving. Before we knew it we were in the total chaos of birds and fish everywhere. At that point, the "Smackin" started. With my old faithful Costa Harpoons I could see the big hungry Jacks smashing the nose-hooked goggle eyes just off the surf line. What an amazing sight!! This lasted for almost an hour. My wife took one Jack that was close to 40 pounds. Unbelievable! And, I saw it all thru my Costa Harpoons!!

May 13, 2011: Tuna season is starting in Puerto Vallarta and Vallarta Sportsman is anticipating a great fishing summer! We're experiencing a strong current of warm and clear water between El Morro and Corbetena ,30 miles out of PV, which is bringing in the Tuna, Marlin and Dorado as well as Skipjack. We're finding the tuna are being especially aggressive on cedar plugs and live bait. Vallarta Sportsman has launched our Tuna Season sale with our best prices of the year. Our reservations calendar is booking up quickly so make your reservation today and don't miss out on the best sportfishing in Puerto Vallarta.

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